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We use platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), a fibrin matrix that contains platelet cytokines and growth factors derived from your own blood. Unlike hyaluronic fillers, PRF is completely natural, dissolves naturally over time instead of migrating, and helps regenerate tissue and collagen wherever it is injected.


PRF is the preferred choice for those seeking a safe, effective treatment with natural results and long-term benefits.

Injection cosmetology
Who is PRF filler for?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) has diverse applications and a commendable safety record as a minimally invasive yet effective solution for under eye hollows, nasolabial folds, collagen loss, hair restoration, and skin texture.

PRF is especially excellent for the tear trough (under eye area), lips, and nasolabial folds because it does not create a tyndall effect (bluish discoloration of the skin).

How does PRF work?

Fibrin is a natural scaffold that responds to injuries throughout the body. Platelets are drawn to the fibrin and release vital growth factors. It stimulates the creation of new skin cells and collagen to support rejuvenation. 

How many treatments will I need?

PRF is done in a series. We usually recommend two or three PRF treatments spaced six weeks apart for optimal results. While initial results are seen immediately, patients notice continuing improvements in skin quality, collagen production, and skin tightening that may take up to three or four months to be noticed. Results can last six to twelve months.

What is included in a PRF treatment?

Dr. Lan, our board-certified MD, will perform a simple blood draw, then prepare it for separation and injection in a centrifuge. We use prescription skin numbing, icing, and facial massage tools for maximum comfort during injection.

Are there side effects or downtime?

You can expect to have some swelling, puffiness, and tenderness at the injection sites. Bruising can also occur in some instances.


If you have noticed that your traditional filler migrates or looks lumpy or strange after a while, you may prefer PRF. We typically prefer PRF because it is naturally derived from your own body, does not migrate, and has longer term benefits thanks to its ability to release growth factors over time.

Jill Collen

five star review.png
“Dr. Jie and Stephanie are fantastic! They were everything you would want: friendly, professional, very communicative about the products, procedure and outcomes - and fun, too! I was very happy with the process, and the care for not causing pain - it didn’t hurt at all. And a week later, I am very happy with the results - noticeably smoother skin, especially on my forehead and around my eyes."
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